Comet ISON

Today, on November 28th, the comet ISON will reach perihelion, or closest point to the Sun, as it loops around the Sun on its journey to and from the Oort Cloud, the hypothetical “home” of the long-orbit comets that visit the Solar System from time to time. Its visibility will depend on whether it breaks up on this part of its journey, and predictions range from cynical to sensational. However, the best viewing time (GMT) is probably around 7:00 a.m., before the Sun rises, in the eastern sky….

Here are some thoughts that came to me as I contemplated this imaginable journey…

The trajectory looks like an arrow or a spear piercing our Solar System, whose nearly circular, or elliptical, orbits weave their way around the Sun. A spindle, a distaff … a comet-sperm … penetrating the Solar egg. Dane Rudhyar spoke in terms of the “cosmic fecundation” which comets represent, as they cross over the orbits of the classical planets en route to the Sun and out again. See how the ecliptic (the apparent path of the Sun), the green line in the images, goes straight through the centre of the Scales. Here, charmingly, each pan of the Scales has a symbol … one is the Sun and one is the Moon. Libra, the “halfway” sign is the place where the soul is challenged to strive for, or allow, BALANCE.
Often our notions of what this would look like cause us heartache and stress as we endeavour to “live up to” our airy ideals. Libra is the only man-made symbol in the Zodiac, and shows where our movement towards “Mind” and “Civilization” becomes juxtaposed with our deeper feelings, soul intimations, and desires, and we must balance these energies. Uranus is the “esoteric” ruler of Libra, and as the planet of Awakening, it sheds light on where and how our “scales” are true and “justified.” This word refers to the correct calibration of weighing-scales, and also to the theme of “justice.” Listening to the news, one hears multiple injustices almost becoming “normalized” through a kind of “double-speak.” But here, comet ISON goes “straight down the middle,” nudging us on to the Middle Way? We may be feeling a strange kind of stasis, almost a frozen-ness, poised between our own internal opposites.

The claws of the Scorpion reach upwards to the central pillar of the Scales, here almost seeming to graph the Sun, as if reaching for something delicious, precious, and desirable. Reaching for the Light, accommodating a deeper level of inner balance, usually means an encounter with dense, dark and shadowy aspects of our experience (or the “world out there”) and reaching a place where we learn the difference between re-action and action. Re-action does not bring true clarity of momentum, and action results not so much from decisions, but rather arises from inner alignment.

Read the complete article here by Astrologer, Melanie Reinhart of Mountain Astrologer


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